PRINT The beginning of October means many homeowners living in the northern part of the country will have to start firing up their heating systems. Natural gas is among the least expensive and most efficient ways to fuel a furnace or boiler. Along with its advantages come safety concerns and responsibilities for homeowners. As a home inspector, it is your job to help identify deficiencies that can compromise the safety of occupants in homes using natural gas. We will discuss some of the basics of inspecting gas piping. Supply, branch and drop lines or risers The piping inside the house is called the gas supply line or building line. Branch lines run to individual appliances.

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The Whalers lost Game 1 by a score of 2—0 and Game 2 by a score of 5—2, creating the expectation that the Canadiens would sweep the Whalers out of the first round, as they did in the playoffs. However, the Whalers came back home to win Games 3 and 4 by scores of 5—2 and 3—1, respectively. The main turning point in the series came in the second period of Game 5 — the Whalers had a 3—1 lead midway through the second period, where the Canadiens began rushing the crease and getting in the face of Whalers goaltender Frank Pietrangelo to distract him.

The strategy worked, as the Canadiens scored four unanswered goals in the final five minutes of the second period. These goals were not called back, since this was before the time when the NHL began strictly enforcing crease infractions on goals.

It was bought back in the late ‘s or early ‘s by A.

Download the Installation Instructions. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the product within 30 days of purchase for a complete refund. Order online now for fastest processing. Orders ship the same or next business day. I have a tankless water heater will this work in my system? Yes, it may depending on the model of your tankless water heater, as well as a few other factors. Please contact us for a further explanation.

What is a hot water branch? Hot water lines may branch off from your main hot water line, like to a bathroom, where it will supply hot water to a sink and bathtub. What If I have multiple hot water branches? You will need to get an extra comfort valve for every extra branch that you have.

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Email One of Red Hook’s last sections of industrial waterfront will soon be transformed by gentrification. All photos by Nathan Kensinger. It was only a few years ago, down on Red Hook’s industrial waterfront, that the old cobblestone streets were ruled by a pack of wild dogs. They lived in the ruins of the sugar refinery, next to the shipyard, on a quiet road littered with burnt-out cars and abandoned toilets.

Perhaps it was this type of charming isolation that led to the neighborhood becoming so popular, but in today’s Red Hook, there is no place for wild dogs. Their street was paved over, the refinery demolished, the shipyard destroyed, and over the past decade, the community has slowly been transformed from a scrappy post-industrial backwater into a crowded shopping and dining destination.

This note is worn and not in great shape.

Worth the Trip Posted 3. Before I stopped my truck, I saw what I wanted. The kids said I was crazy. There was a small version of a washstand sort-of-thing. It had had a mirror, three drawers one needed fixing , and a door which needed to be put back on. I loaded it in my truck and took it to my friend to repair. I think it was worth the trip. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not there’s any truth to the saying “One man’s junk is another mans treasure,” let me assure you, there is.

This is what happened to me.

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Comes with a signed COA and an informational trifold flyer. We use PayPal for secure online payment. Or email us regarding items and payment options – Witness Tree Keyring. Neither General Meade, the Union commander, nor the South’s General Lee wished to fight at Gettysburg, but on the mourning of July 1, , Union cavalry General John Buford made a decision that set in motion a battle that would last for 3 days. The red background in a piece of red felt to help hold the bullets in place, the white is the fiber which comes in the display case.

I do not glue my artifacts down so they will shift in transit.

Before my aunt was placed into a nursing home she gave me her musical ornament.

Kevin Strijbos joined Standing Construct KTM for but broke his collarbone while testing Both riders have had surgery since and it looks like Strijbos will be fine for the opening round of the MXGP in Argentina while Guillod will be out for the first few rounds. Eli Tomac chased by Cole Seely In the second main event Tomac quickly made his way to the lead but when Seely moved into second place he quickly closed the gap to Tomac and put pressure on the Kawasaki rider all of the way to the flag but Tomac took the win from Seely, Anderson, Josh Grant and Barcia while Musquin and Roczen finished 11th and 12th.

Tomac on the other hand is a massive 43 points back from Anderson while Musquin is 34 points back so it will take a small miracle for either rider to win the championship BUT it will be interesting to see how many round wins they can achieve over the next 13 rounds. Leading some laps in the first race definitely helped boost my confidence, but I was happier with the way I rode in the second main event. Eli [Tomac] was going fast so to be able stick with him and almost challenge for the lead before making that mistake was huge.

I was definitely feeling a little pressure on the gate of the last race because I just needed that last bit to close the deal. I knew I was riding really well in the first two mains, but sadly my start in the third race got me. It was hectic coming through the pack. It had the win in my grasp and was so close.

Monster Energy All-Star Race

Some American traditions never go out of style. For 84 years and counting, Candyland shoppes have been iconic destinations in the Twin Cities. We offer much more than fabulous popcorn and an unmatched variety of more than scratch-made and manufacturer-direct candies. Our commitment to quality is supreme. Beyond that, our family delivers personal service that will bring you back again and again.

We had to have them.

This nut roll recipe hails from an old family friend and is a Christmas staple. Whatever name you go by, traditional nut roll is a soft sweet dough that is filled with a sweet walnut mixture. I originally shared this nut roll recipe with you nearly six SIX! My mom gave me the recipe card for nut roll, which hails from her best friend of a gazillion years, Cheryl. First up, the yeast… The original recipe calls for cake yeast, which is typically sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery store near the butter.

I recently made a batch of this nut roll substituting active dry yeast and I had no issues whatsoever. The most important difference to keep in mind is that the temperature of the water needs to be different based on the type of yeast you use.

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Rinse the rice thoroughly in a sieve or strainer until the water runs clear. Place the rice into an 8-inch square glass baking dish. Once the water boils, pour it over the rice, stir once to combine, and cover the dish tightly with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Bake the rice on the middle rack of the oven for 1 hour. After 1 hour, remove the aluminium foil and fluff the rice with a fork. Method In a Rice Cooker 1 Measure the rice.

Any issues with single handle faucets?

Hydrogen or gases or vapors equivalent in hazard to hydrogen Ethylene oxide Diethyl ether Unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine In addition, workers may not use these trucks in atmospheres containing hazardous concentrations of metal dust, including aluminum, magnesium, and other metals of similarly hazardous characteristics. In atmospheres containing carbon black, coal, or coke dust, workers may use only approved powered industrial trucks designated as EX.

Where dusts of magnesium, aluminum, or bronze may be present, fuses, switches, motor controllers, and circuit breakers of trucks must have enclosures specifically approved for such locations. Some powered industrial trucks are designed, constructed, and assembled for use in atmospheres containing flammable vapors or dusts. These include powered industrial trucks equipped with the following: Additional safeguards to their exhaust, fuel, and electrical systems; No electrical equipment including the ignition ; Temperature limitation features; and Electric motors and all other electrical equipment completely enclosed.

Workers may use these specially designed powered industrial trucks in locations where volatile flammable liquids or flammable gases are handled, processed, or used. The liquids, vapors, or gases should be confined within closed containers or closed systems and not allowed to escape. What safety precautions should employers and workers observe when operating or maintaining powered industrial trucks?

When operating or maintaining powered industrial trucks, you and your employees must consider the following safety precautions: Fit high-lift rider trucks with an overhead guard if permitted by operating conditions.

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She had seven children and my grandfather was a coalminer who died of black lung disease.