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If you are trying to install a double kitchen sink drain in your home, you may be confronted with a series of pipes that you must plumb correctly. Fitting a double sink drain with a dishwasher attachment or other utility attachment can be even more confusing, but you can easily put the basic drain together. In Part 1 of this guide, you will learn how to fit the drains to the sink bowl, attach the trap arms to the wall sub and fit the connections to the drain tailpiece. Drain water from the area you wish to use, in this case the kitchen. Don’t forget to turn the water back on once you have finished the drain water installation. It is best to find a drain of a similar make to the sink that you own. When you are ready, you can then add a layer of putty around the edge of the drain, and ensure that it is pressed down into the drain hole. The putty will help to keep the drain in place. Once this is done, you can then proceed to fitting the drain.

Clear a Clogged Drain With SCIENCE!!!

Will this clear a drain if the clog isn’t merely “loose debris”? Another good way to get more violence out of this reaction is to microwave your vinegar in a micro-wave safe container to near-boiling. I’ve used this method to descale faucet aerators before. I know you can without any problems but here is the risk: Bubbles form in boiling water around impurities in the liquid or imperfections in the surface of the container.

As the water gets hotter the bubbles slowly begin to get larger and rise.

If you discover that the clog lies further down the drainpipe, stick in your auger and get to work.

Both the fitting in the wall, and the discharge port of the garbage disposal are “givens”, they are where they are. The pipe going into the wall fitting is a “wall tube”, which connects to the U-shaped pipe, a “J bend”, and they make up the “P-trap”. This is already in place and should remain so. The area from this p-trap going up to the bottom of the sink is your target for the garbage disposal.

If you were to come straight out from the disposal across to this area, do you end up above the p-trap? If so, there will be a way to hook it up cleanly. Exactly how mainly involves whether the p-trap is directly below the sink basin without the disposal, or if it winds up more centered between the two basins because of where the wall entry is to be made.

Dishwasher Drain And Water Supply Installation

Either way, those old sinks can have a great new life in the potting shed, backyard, or garage as a utility sink. Utility Sink Hook-Up Options The great thing about this project is that you can tailor it to fit your needs, with as much or as little plumbing work as you want. The sink in the photo uses cold water from the hose, with the waste routed into the drain for the outdoor shower behind it.

Your main decision is whether your sink will be:

It might pressurise and blow the blockage down the drain, or it might shoot out of the overflow and get all over you.

Using a Drain Claw 1 Remove the strainer. Hair and soap often accumulate underneath the strainer, which is located in or over the drain. Though many strainers can be removed manually, some have screws that will need to be removed, too. Remove the screws with the proper screwdriver. If you do not know which type of screwdriver to use, match the screwdriver to the screw head. Turn each screw surrounding the strainer until all are loose.

Then, place the screws in a safe location while you unclog the drain. Some drains have tub stoppers instead of strainers, and these are also located in the drain. These are easier to remove because they are not held down with any screws. Simply remove the stopper by twisting and lifting it. A lot of gunk may have accumulated on the strainer or stopper over time.

Clean any hair or soap scum; you may have to scrub the strainer and stopper depending on how dirty they are. When the drain stick is inserted deep enough, it will hit a drain trap, which is a curved part of the drain. The stick is flexible and will bend.

Installing A Basement Laundry Sink

Or maybe your installing a new kitchen sink and want all the right drain parts. With our complete kitchen sink drain kit, you can throw away that drip bucket and do it right. The real difference is in the various washers that we use to help ensure a leak-free installation. Nobody but us offers this kit. Purchasing a complete kitchen drain kit includes all pieces shown above.

Some of you may question the reason for also replacing the baskets.

To make the vent stack connection, begin by cutting out a section of the stack large enough to accept a tee fitting.

When a pop-up drain stopper in a sink or bathtub stops working, how do you fix it? This expert guide shows how drain stoppers work and how to fix a pop-up stopper. Pop-ups are simple mechanical devices that use a system of links and levers to move a drain stoppers up and down to seal a sink bowl or bathtub. This rod pushes the stopper up or lets it drop down into the drain body. The lever operates a lift linkage that pulls on a spring. The spring pulls a rocker arm that raises and lowers the stopper see the illustration.

It is usually very simple to pull out the stopper and rocker arm linkage. Click here to buy pop-up drain stoppers online. These kinds of stopper problems are mechanical and can be solved with simple adjustments. For an old-style pop-up: Simply grip the stopper body and pull it out of the drain along with the hinged rocker arm.

How to Install a Kitchen Sink

Finding the Best Drain Cleaner Best drain cleaners You get up in the morning, jump into the shower and a few minutes late you find yourself in an ankle deep of dirty water. Not the best way to start a new day. A clogged drain is a headache that everyone has experienced and would like to avoid at all costs. Thankfully by choosing the best drain cleaner you can easily steer clear of this unpleasant situation.

What causes drain clogs?

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How to Install Plumbing for an Ice Maker A refrigerator with an automated ice maker and a built-in water dispenser does absolutely nothing if you do not have a water line to connect to it. You can solve this with an ice maker installation kit that allows you to use the plumbing beneath the sink. The kit provides you with the required parts to hook up a water line to your refrigerator.

You may have three water supply lines beneath the sink; two lines connect directly to the faucet while the third line connects to the dishwasher. The valve connected to the right side of the faucet is the cold water supply line. Turn the cold water on the supply line clockwise to close it. Drill holes in the base cabinet walls to route the water line from beneath the sink to the rear of the refrigerator.

Drill as close to the back wall of the cabinet as possible, so you do not lose storage space inside the cabinet. Leave the excess water line behind the refrigerator. Use pliers to untwist the faucet supply line from the cold water supply valve.

Finding the Best Drain Cleaner

Connecting a Washing Machine to a Kitchen Sink I’m an apartment-dweller, and I managed to inherit a washing machine and dryer no more collecting quarters and trips to the laundromat–yay! But there are no hookups in my apartment boo! This is my solution to this problem.

They are very deep, great for cooking or cleaning up after a large holiday party.

Roto-Rooter plumbers are happy to unclog a drain, and are available for kitchen drain cleaning, bathroom drain cleaning, and basement drain cleaning. Or if your basement has flooded, Roto-Rooter’s water damage restoration services can help. However, sometimes there are simple steps you can take yourself to clear a clogged drain. Read on to learn more. Fit the plunger cup over the drain and plug the overflow hole with a finger. Plunge the drain using four or five rapid thrusts at a time.

Repeat the process several times. Next, see what cleaning solutions you have around your house. Vinegar works well for clearing clogged drains, as does lemon juice. Baking soda, Borax and even salt can be mixed in for extra potency with one of the liquid ingredients. About a half cup should do. This chemical action will help dissolve many normal drain clogs. Cover the drain with a cloth for minutes, during which time the solution should begin to dissolve or loosen the clog.

Repeat the process at least one more time.

Trap Adapters

A great way to bring some life back into your kitchen is by replacing that tacky old builder grade sink and broken faucet with something more elegant. This is a project that is within the grasp of just about any homeowner and can be checked off the to-do list in just a few hours. Choosing a sink and faucet combo can be the most challenging part of the whole process given the wide array of designs available.

Our two building drain cleanout access photos below illustrate a surprisingly common and both dangerous and unsanitary condition:

Female pipe threads on the inside of fitting FTG: The same size as the pipe. Will fit inside a socket hub fitting Mipt: Male iron pipe threads on the outside of fitting Hub: Part of fitting the pipe inserts into ID: Used to describe copper pipe and fittings in plumbing. Refers to the inside diameter of the pipe which varies by thickness of the pipe.

Fitting end same size as pipe. Will glue into hub of another fitting Tubular: Under sink drainage piping measured by outside diameter Frequently Asked Questions Q.

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