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Buy carp bait Welcome to my web site, Freshwaterphil. I’m just another fishing addict, living in Montreal. Like thousands of serious anglers, I’m passionate about my favorite pastime, and love to share tips, tricks and information with anyone from amateurs to professional fishermen. I live in the city of Montreal, which is in the Canadian province of Quebec. Canada is blessed with millions of lakes, rivers and streams, there are a few hundred thousand in Quebec alone.

Living in Montreal, which is located in the Southwestern section of the province of Quebec, I also have the privilege of fishing in Ontario quite often, occasionally New York and Vermont as well.

I’m just another fishing addict, living in Montreal.

Jump to; Lures Bait and tackle To fish for the most popular game fish species in the Indian River Lagoon, a good quality basic spinning outfit for lb test line will work just fine. My favorite is a seven foot medium action rod with a spinning reel holding about yards of line. I use a Shakespeare Ugly Stik Intracoastal graphite spinning rod, 7 foot, medium action, and rated for 6 to 12 lb test line.

I have always been a fan of Ugly Stiks because even though the rod’s action is listed as “medium”, the tip has a lighter action for more sensitivity when casting lightweight lures such as un-weighted soft plastic lures or freelined live shrimp. For a reel, any good quality spinning reel capable of holding about yards of whatever LB test of line you wish to use will work just fine. It is rated for 8 to 12 LB test and will hold about yards of 10 LB test mono. For fishing line, there are lots of options.

Stren, Ande and Trilene all make good products. I use 8 LB test because it increases the line capacity of my reel to about yards, and with it I can cast lighter lures and baits easier and farther. I used to never use a leader unless I was specifically targeting snook or tarpon.

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Ghost amber Fishing Conditions: He targets fish in Florida Keys backcountry waters near tide rips, mangroves and other holding areas, plus near bridge structure. Waszczuk makes long casts to the tarpon, staying as far away as he can from the pods, and then utilizes a quick-pause erratic retrieve. The height of the rod tip off the water dictates the various depths your lure swims, he says. Waszczuk uses braid in the to pound class but recommends the angler determine the line weight based on the size of tarpon in the area.

Tie a fluoro leader to the terminal end, and then add the plug.

Largemouth Bass Largemouth bass are more of a warmer water fish than smallmouth bass.

I don’t know if they changed it on purpose or its just a miss ship. Many of my fishing buddies use these spinnerbaits on Norris Lake for night time, post spawn smallies. Finally gave these Zorro Spinner baits from Tackle Warehouse a workout this am. Without a doubt my all time best producing night time bait. Have landed numerous NJ bass to 8lbs at night on this bait.

I’ll even add a 4 colorado blade and bend the arm out a tad for clearence for even more arm numbing vibration. To prevent the dreaded arm fouling. Just learn to stop the bait a few feet short. It will straighten itself out and barely ever tangle. I fish braid direct, and if i don’t do this.. Especially with the larger blade mod. It will foul every time.

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How soon are you looking to book your trip? Call in the USA and in Mexico. Best fishing in the world! You can’t beat Cabo sport fishing on our signature boat, the “Winner 7” for deep sea fishing!

Unfortunately every lure manufacturer around claims that theirs is the best.

Up they come to join the puppet show, prey to be, now more visible at a distance to cruising predators. Some minutes later, in classic fashion, the perch flash onto their sides and scatter among the rocks. Oblivious to the danger, my minnow continues its death dance. Like watching a scary movie, with Mr. Plastic Minnow pitted against the unseen villain.

A long, dark form with wide pectoral fins zooms in from directly under my feet, consumes the plastic minnow, and moves off, doing more than the speed limit. Not so much a fight at first as a hang-on-a-thon, as in hang onto your rod or lose it down the hole. In just 12 feet of water, the fish has nowhere to go but sideways, and out it goes with freaky strength, the smoothness of the drag appreciated, until finally I win back all the line and the fatigued fish rests in the hole as I unhook it.

Jigging up big predators——lake trout, pike, and walleyes——is the topic. General differences between these species are important. Lake trout, for example, often are the most active of the three under ice, followed by pike, with walleyes only moderately aggressive most of the winter. Plastics have proven to be most effective when fish are aggressive.

Gay true stories

Finally gave these Zorro Spinner baits from Tackle Warehouse a workout this am.

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They make learning how to cast and how to set the hook tons of fun.

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Sinkers; I rarely use sinkers in the lagoon as most of the water I fish is fairly shallow or I am using lures most of the time anyway.