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Most speed-dating services offer specialized speed-dating events. Some match tall men to petite women; others are held specifically for members of the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other faiths. Still others are designed for people who share a love of Broadway plays and musicals, differently abled singles, iPod junkies, single parents and even millionaires see the video link on the Lots More Information page. By hosting events for people who already share at least one thing in common, organizers can assure a better chance for a match. For example, a “single athletes” event may be more likely to produce a connection between two people based on their shared enjoyment of a particular sport. Keep Reading Below Just about all speed-dating events also have age restrictions. Some are wide ranging, and some only require that speed daters be 21 or older to meet the age restriction of the bar where the event is held. Others may require that participants fall within the ages of 25 to 35 for one session, and 40 to 54 for another session later the same evening.

2014 Comic Con – Hyatt Regency Phoenix

I think Jean-Paul Sartre had something to say on this subject. What am I doing at this con? There are too many people here.

Here, have my watch.

Your eyes make a choice without letting the rest of you know between giving you a kind of screensaver to enjoy in the meantime or suffering from an image burn-in like an old CRT TV or monitor. This burn-in effect can result in visions of horrible creatures, relatives, ex girlfriends, The Goatman, et cetera. The last thing you want to see in that situation is a cop. The second-to-last thing you want to see in that situation is anything your demented mind can cook up for you. I have to tell someone now, before the images I now have permanently burned into memory come flooding back, rendering me stuck in the fetal position for days.

I have to put it to words before I fight this fucking Ewok for the last of the sonic screwdriver replicas we scored off of the Gorn counterfeiter hanging out at third and Washington.

Get your stuff together!

Washington Convention Center, with events running each day from morning to night. Find out why at Awesome Con. Hear about his unique career firsthand. Evening Events Stay up late at Awesome Con with two extra special evening events, and grab premium tickets including autographs with their stars. Stranger than Fiction 5 PM — June 3 — Room A A panel of NASA scientists discuss planets depicted in science fiction and how our knowledge of planets in our solar system — and beyond — present a picture stranger than fiction.

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What I think a San Diego attendee might not like: More aisles, more people, more panels, more events, more buildings. The crowd skews very young here several authors and artists who were doing Phoenix for the first time commented on this and heavily into cosplay. The level of skill and elaborate costuming has shot way up in the last two years and the ratio of costumes to street clothes is far higher than at San Diego.

Friday marks the 35th anniversary of the first Star Wars movie, which spawned a generation of sci-fi fans. SFF is, most often, a wonderful inclusive place for all sorts of people with all sorts of interests. If we only focus on stuff like the Sad Puppies debacle and Tor handling their shit, well, shittily, we may be inclined to think that SFF folks just.

And, as I saw in my recent outing to the Phoenix Comicon, there are actually ways larger organizations can make sure those inclusive elements are more generally in the forefront.

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Online dating may not be for everyone. Gemma German during a geek speed dating session at Phoenix Comicon. If none of you have ever done this before you are going to have a really good time.

Star Trek Animated Series Friday:

But, this year we came up with our own theme! And every video-gaming-fighting-noob should be very familiar with this technique. Monday, June 9th, 7: Click on the link above or scroll down this page to access those links. Have you ever been confronted with an unfamiliar fighting game and left to the demise of an experienced player behind the other controller? What do you do with all those freaking buttons?!?! Come visit us at booth !

Crawling infantiles are excluded from any form of pricing.

Forget Speed Dating, How About Weed Dating?

Speed dating events phoenix Girl seeks geek at phoenix comicon speed dating For additional questions, feel free to contact us at info speedphoenixdating. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us directly at we speed. This may upset some but we feel our daters as a whole appreciate the extra effort and we hope you do too. Our research indicates that most women are comfortable with meeting men who are a few years older than themselves, and most men want to meet women who are younger than themselves.

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Fortunately for him, it seems like most people love him. Lead in a sci-fi role? Voice actor of a major comic book character? Makes parodies of his voice acting work with Tim Daly? Lead role in a crime procedural with a unique premise on network TV? Fortunately for us, his schedule was free to spend a some time with his throng of Phoenix fans, albeit a little blinder and doomed to be late forevermore or until he picks up a new watch.

Legacy, he did accidentally choke a guy out though.

May 24, By: This year promises to be the biggest one ever for the fan-friendly event, including a slew of Star Trek guests and fan panels. William Shatner will be there along with Star Trek: There are also tons of fan panels more details below and cool events, including Cosplay contests, “Quarks Bar” drinks, a “Geek Prom,” “Geek Speed Dating” and much more. I will be hosting my own panel, like the one I did at Phoenix Comic Con in I will also be on the panel for the “Star Trek ” Sunday I may also sit on some of the Saturday Trek fan panels.

See below for a full list of the Celebrity and Fan events for Phoenix Comicon. We will discuss progress on the sequel to J.

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Written by Charlie Dear Friends, The March Previews catalog is sitting on my desk, available for your perusal when you stop by. Meanwhile I will try to point out the new and notable items that I think might hold interest for you. These solicitations are for comics and products that will begin shipping in May. Some of the codes and abbreviations that I use are:

By hosting events for people who already share at least one thing in common, organizers can assure a better chance for a match.

She appeared in the Channel 4 film Stacked , playing the role of Ginny. Part of the BBC’s multimedia “switch” programming, the short episodes interconnect with online games that further explore the environments presented in the series. She reprised the role in a cameo appearance in the Christmas special ” The Time of the Doctor “. Gillan had appeared in Doctor Who once before in the series four episode ” The Fires of Pompeii ” in the role of a Soothsayer.

FHM magazine ranked Gillan number 42 on their list of the Sexiest Women , [28] and in , they also ranked her number In May , Gillan was cast as Nebula in the Marvel superhero science fiction film Guardians of the Galaxy , which was released in August Gillan had her head shaved bald for the role. Television and was greenlit for the —15 US television season.

Gillan played a social media-obsessed socialite named Eliza Dooley, a modern-day take on the main character from My Fair Lady , Eliza Doolittle. This is Gillan’s first time starring in the lead role of an American television series. Gillan will portray Ellen, the older sister to Farmiga’s character. The latter film, released in April, was directed and written by James Ponsoldt , and was based on the novel by Dave Eggers.

Hollywood Films’ indie drama project titled Tupperware Party. Set in her home city of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands , filming began in January [50] and wrapped in the next month.

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Posted by Phillip on Nov 17, in Travel 0 comments Anyone can like Star Wars, especially in this particular moment in pop culture. But being a Star Trek fan? Star Trek films started to appeal to me later, in high school. I was among friends!

For more information about registering a team or becoming a Drums Dragons event sponsor, speed, synchronization and.

I asked him at Emerald City Comicon what people are always asking me, and it turns out he gets asked the same thing. Have you given specific advice for meeting people at Comic-Cons? I get bombarded with questions on how to meet people — romantically — at Cons. But they are an amazing place to make friends, to network, to find your tribe. And that can lead into something special. I agree with that. I think I qualify. There are people who are new to it; there are people who may not know what you know or be into all the same stuff the way you are.

And believe me, anyone who does cosplay is doing it because they love it. Because that took — even if it was just a Party City costume — that took hours to put together. Changing gears, what advice would you give women who are attracted to nerd men in terms of meeting them? At the same, I totally understand that putting yourself out there can be stressful and a little intimidating.

In addition to your great website, you’ve written some books on geek dating. What can you tell us about those?

Phoenix Comicon 2017 – Day 01