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Join Date Feb The middle single six was my father in laws gun and has a serial number in the. All parts orders are. Ruger Single-Six single action revolver in. Ruger Revolver Model Single Six, 3 screw. Has no prefix to six digit serial number, with all papers. About 10 years ago I gave my brother a used Ruger single six, 9 12 barrel SN.

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It is my chance to editorialize with no limits and no editors. All of them, regardless of flavor. For crying out loud! That flat ass sucks!!! Both are wrong and neither are doing what we sent them to Washington to do. You just have to look at virtually every one in DC.

The hunting and shooting

The first book is Sex at Dawn: The second book is Sex and War: Rapaille talking about his research. In one of those videos, at around the This waist-to-hip ratio code is so ingrained in the deepest recesses of the brain that it even shows up in pornography consumption patterns. It is shaping the free market. Here is an annotated screenshot of the passage that caught my eye.

Click the image to go to the page of charts. This is a screenshot of the relevant passage, where the person who put it all together noticed the 0. Leszcynski, and Alita J.

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The prank product has been banned since after thousands of bored people would buy it on the streets of from illegal vendors and “vandalise” anything and everything. Measuring 3, feet long, the Guinness World Records has named it the world’s longest haunted house. It’s located 80 feet below ground in an abandoned mine. They wanted it so badly that during the hearings on Daylight Savings they put candy pumpkins on the seat of every senator.

These additional variations include such things as:

I had been a loyal 94 follower and had tried most of the calibers and variations. Something struck me wrong about the closing of the plant and I was soon out of the Winchester ownership program. One day I heard about the new. Upon firing both, I found the chambers to be to rough and actually had fired rounds brass seize up in the chambers. Both had to have the chamber polished out! I did a little research and found others who had the same problem.

Gun Review: GLOCK 42

Otherwise, he pretty much covers the subject well. Very long barrels are inconvenient, very short barrels are harder to shoot well. A longer barrel and sight radius combination is theoretically better. But, theory and actual results are not always the same.

The Primos Boost Quad Muffs are designed to not only protect your hearing on the range

Even though the standard. Rogue red squirrels that chew holes in the shed, renegade woodchucks and rabbits that destroy the garden I’ve worked so hard to plant, and the nefarious skunks that prowl the night, just waiting to spray my dogs; all have fallen victim to the subsonic. Aguila Sniper Subsonic I found these in a gunshop, maybe a decade ago or so, and was immediately intrigued.

Using a heavy for caliber grain round nose lead projectile, seated in a shortened case, this ammo makes a great choice for close shooting. They will cycle in most autoloaders, and will stabilize in the longer-barreled rifles. I like the blend of a bit heavier bullet than normal, combined with the relatively flat trajectory. M22 and I have become fast friends. CCI is using a compressed metal projectile—which, upon impact, breaks into three segments—at the sedate muzzle velocity of fps, for a wonderful close-range load.

I first had the opportunity to shoot this ammo in Texas , on a night hunt for skunks and raccoons. It worked so well that I stocked up so I could use it around the house, and have had nothing but success. From my rifle, inside of 35 or so yards, it neatly dispatched the pests such as chipmunks, rogue red squirrels and a chicken-eating raccoon or two.

Used by competition shooters across the globe, the TAC is an accurate, clean burning, positive-cycling product.

HK. Because you suck. And we hate you.

Ah, but should you? The release latch is moderately flared on its top and left side, providing the shooter with an extra bit of purchase while unlatching the cylinder. The release is truncated on the right side and chopped on the right to accommodate the laser. In short, the design looks like an afterthought. The balances well in the hand. The sights were atrocious.

It was not the small number of years behind us or our slim, strong bodies.

I will also list some of the major types and variations of these guns. I hope these articles will be interesting for the readers and especially the beginning Ruger collectors — and hopefully they will influence some of you to begin to collect Rugers. Without them I would not have been able to even attempt to pen these articles.

They are worth their weight in gold when it comes to building your collection. There are many advanced Ruger collectors that could easily add much more to these writings. However, I did not feel the need to go so deep and into so many details that it might become confusing and overwhelming to the beginners.

By reading on your own and then handling examples of these fine guns you will learn faster and have a much clearer understanding of these guns and their many variations. I would appreciate any better or updated information, additional noted variations, corrections or just general comments regarding these articles. I am still learning more about these guns and their variations every day. It was a six-shot.

Please help with dating my Single Six 22

And we hate you. And chicks will dig you. At HK, we stuck a piston on an AR15, just like a bunch of other companies have done, dating back to about

The other he brought to my home when I was gone.

Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: Thanks for the answers. Here are the results, The data supplied originates from a Dealer Data base that I use in my firearms appraisel business. This data base is considered a “Bible” for the firearms Industry to determine actual value on firearms based on age, condition and current market value as a collectable or for resale.

You can count on these figures being current and accurate. Here’s where it gets a bit interesting. The serial number you supplied indicates this gun was manufactured in and was manufactured in a factory “blue” finish. It is a mid-range serial number and isn’t really a low number for this model. In addition Ruger didn’t manufacture stainless steel models of this gun until years later.

Hence the “stainless ” looking finish and wear you mentioned.

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Firearms folk had been hankering for a slim, single-stack, Tenifer-coated, easily-concealable nine since, well, late in the first Clinton administration. But Smyrna and their Teutonic overlords had other plans. In their judgement, what America really needed was a slim, single-stack, Tenifer-coated, easily-concealable.

The Blind Side High Velocity waterfowl ammunition features a high packing density for increased powder charge, with hinged wad results in 1, feet per second.

The Single-Six just begged to be made into a full-sized single action for the big bores of the time, the. Ruger again showed his astuteness by passing over the big bores and offering what has been a most popular centerfire sixgun chambering for many decades now, the. By , the Single-Six was scaled up to full size and had gained excellent adjustable sights and a flattening of the top of the frame that would come to be known as the Flat-Top.

Elmer Keith reported at the time that the first Blackhawk would soon be offered in both. Other developments were happening that would change this. The piece was written by an old cowboy, trapper, ranger, etc.

Fanning My Ruger Single Six Revolver